Ryan Giggs got arrested and will miss the next games

ryan giggs with Wales squad in training

Ryan Giggs was scheduled to host a press conference on Tuesday to announce that the Wales squad will be participating against the United States, the Republic of Ireland and Finland.

The Wales Football Association has confirmed that Ryan Giggs would not be involved in the upcoming International Camp after being arrested by the police on Sunday after a disturbance at his home involving a woman.

While Giggs denied any allegations of violence, the Wales FA said in a statement that it was “mutually determined” not to partake as the team prepared for its international games, which included a battle against the USMNT on Nov. 12.

“The Football Association of Wales and Ryan Giggs have agreed not to join in the ongoing international camp,” the statement said.

“Our immediate aim is to prepare the squad for the upcoming international matches. Robert Page, with Ryan ‘s help, will be in charge of the next three matches against the USA, the Republic of Ireland and Finland, helped by Albert Stuivenberg.”

Former Manchester United winger Giggs, 46, was expected to unveil his Wales squad Tuesday ahead of the international break, but the appearance was postponed after news of disturbance in his home.

“Mr. Giggs denies all allegations of violence against him,” Giggs told ESPN. “He consults with the authorities and will continue to assist them in their current investigations.”

Giggs was put on parole as the hearings were pending.

“Police shall be notified at 10.05 p.m. GMT (6.45 p.m. ET) on 1 Nov. 2020 to examine incidents at a site in Worsley,” said the spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police.

“A woman in her 30s had a minor accident but no further treatment was required.

“A 46-year-old man was held on suspicion of an attack by section 47 and a common abuse by section 39. He has been bailed out since then, awaiting further enquiries. The proceedings are ongoing.

The International Break Squad will be named on Thursday, as confirmed by the Wales FA. The Football Association of Wales postponed a press conference on Tuesday after a protest against manager Ryan Giggs.

It comes after the police were summoned to an address in Greater Manchester on Sunday after reports of “disturbance.”

“A woman in her 30s was seriously wounded but did not require more treatment,” read the police release.

“A 46-year-old man was held on suspicion of an attack by section 47 and a common abuse by section 39.

“Since then, he has been bailed out until further enquiries have been made.

Giggs was supposed to nominate the Wales squad for their future games against the United States, the Republic of Ireland and Finland.

“The FAW is being told of a possible incident concerning Men’s National Team Manager Ryan Giggs,” reads the statement.

“The FAW is not going to make any further statements at this stage.”

Ex Manchester United winger Giggs was appointed President of Wales as permanent successor to Chris Coleman in 2018.

Wales will be playing with the United States in a friendly match at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium on November 12, ahead of two crucial games in the League of Nations.

The Republic of Ireland will be supported by Community representatives in Wales on 15 November, accompanied by Finland on 18 November, both of which will take place at Cardiff City Stadium.

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