Most of California under new lockdown as cases of COVID-19 rise

California lockdown sign and behind it skyscrapers

The central lockdown in San Francisco started much sooner than in other areas of the state. Most areas of the U.S. state of California are under a tight new curfew, as the pandemic continues to spread throughout the United States. Staying at home impacts approximately 85 percent of the 40 million citizens.

It’s going to be in effect for three weeks and it’s going to include the Holiday season.

Many shops will be kept closed, and individuals will not be able to visit someone outside of their home.

On Sunday, the U.S. had an unprecedented number of patients in the Covid-19 hospital.

The nation has seen a massive spike in cases and Covid-related fatalities over the last week, an increase that is partially attributed to the previous month’s Holiday weekend, as millions of Americans flew across the U.S.

New regulations in California-the country’s most populated state-were caused by a declining capacity in hospital intensive care.

The steps shall extend to the southern part of California, and its central valley and other regions may follow in the next days.
San Francisco has now joined the lockdown, with the mayor implementing a separate series of instructions.

What are the new regulations?

Governor Gavin Newsom has declared that if the ability of intensive care units in each of the
five regions of the state drop below 15%, the area will be locked up within 24 hours.

The stay-at-home directives caused in this manner would be close to the far-reaching directive
given to the state after the first pandemic struck in March, with major relaxations:

  • Retail stores will remain accessible, but only at 20%.
    efficiency, along with outdoor recreational areas and beaches.
  • Meetings are small, and individuals can stay at home, preventing
    contact with other families.
  • Stores, beauty salons, and indoor dinings are closed.

The quarantine will continue for at least three weeks, and before the ICU power is raised again by 15 percent.

Man in locksown wearing a mask and waving

How did this come about?

The condition in California represents an increase in outbreaks around the world. The state with the highest number of recorded cases in The U.S. registered an extra 30,000 cases on Sunday, a new high.

There have been more than 1.3 million infections and about 21,000 fatalities since the start of the pandemic.

Intensive care availability in two of the five areas set up by state authorities for housekeeping purposes-Southern California and central San Joaquin Valley-was less than 15% on Friday.

Los Angeles and San Diego, the two biggest cities in the county, dropped to 12.5 percent on Saturday, and San Joaquin to 8.6 percent on Saturday.

What are the problems encountered by the authorities?

Republican critics of the state’s Political institutions and several of its municipalities have disputed the viability of the project initiatives and have claimed that they could affect the local economy.

Some law enforcement officers indicated they did not want to help implement the new laws.

In the meantime, Governor Newsom has been attracting allegations of dishonesty. In November, he visited an establishment in the Napa Valley, contradictory to his own advice. Mayor of San Francisco London Breed had dinner in the same restaurant on another evening. The two of them apologized.

What’s the state of affairs around the country?

According to the Covid Monitoring Initiative, 101,487 people were treated with the disease at the hospital on Sunday, with an estimated 1,138 deaths reported.

Nearly 14.6 million individuals have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the U.S., and 273,374 have died-the largest number in any nation in the world.

On Sunday, Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator, blamed the administration for violating protocols and peddling “myths” regarding the pandemic.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I hope that the FDA could give the go-ahead for the vaccine when it meets on Thursday. But for life to return to the norm by spring, Americans still need to follow safety measures.”

The scientist in control of the U.S. vaccine push, Moncef Slaoui in an exclusive with CBS News

The Member States are planning to administer the vaccine, with potential authorization approaching.
The first doses are supposed to be made accessible to the country’s million healthcare staff and three million senior citizens staying in long-term care centers.

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