The Duchess of Sussex was the first member of the Royal British Family ever to run in a national referendum

“I can state that in this referendum, indeed, the Duchess votes”

The source has no clear information as to when Meghan will vote today or whether she had already voted in a postal ballot.

The Duke of Sussex announced before that he will not vote in the US polls. This is not only because, as a UK resident, he has no voting privileges in America, but also because of an ancient practice of not taking part in elections for members of the royal family.

“I’m not going to be eligible to vote here in the US at this referendum, but many of you do not realize that I’ve been able to vote in my life in the UK,” Prince Harry said to Time100 in September.

“It is critical to refuse hate speech, disinformation, and cynicism online as we enter November,” he said.

Despite the failure of her spouse to vote, Meghan has previously found out how privileged it is.

“I look at my spouse, for instance, who never could vote, and I think it’s so important to claim that voting is not a luxury, it’s a right in itself,” she said in August on The 19th.

Meghan has come up in favor of the nominee of Kamala Harris, the democratic vice president, who will be the first Female vice president of the White House of all time.

Meghan said in a talk with Gloria Steinham in September, “I am so happy to see this sort of representation.

“You know that for me, being biracial, you have to see somebody like you, whether a doll or a man in office, in any capacity.

“You can only be something you can see, which many of us say. In the absence of that, how do you strive to anything than your own world? The ‘coded letter’ of Meghan Markle surrounding US elections BEFORE

The Sussex Duchess urged Americans to vote at today’s U.S. election during the past few weeks and months. Although she did not directly endorse Democratic candidate Joe Biden, it is generally believed that Meghan holds anti-donald Trump viewpoints, primarily because of an edition of Vogue, which she edited last year before becoming a senior royalty.Her version was labelled ‘left-wing’ since there were many celebrities promoted by Donald Trump-hating.

Her cover, which included 15 female change-makers, was perceived by several people as a political message.

This created some tempest since the Royal Family representatives are expected to stay impartial, a core aspect of constitutional monarchy.

Any of the women picked were publicly political, including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand.

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